Earth Odyssey Pre-Mission Training

Links to Earth Odyssey Pre-Mission Files and Important Information


  1. Discover the Challenger Center Experience – Video
  2. School payments
  3. Challenger Photo Release
  4. Student Name Tags  – Use twice. Once for mission control and once for ISS.
  5. Name Tag Recommendations
  6. On the Day of the Mission
  7. Chaperone Instructions
  8. Contacts – Scobee Education Center
  9. Directions to SEC
  10. SAC Campus Map
  11. Challenger Center Teacher Mission Training PowerPoint


  1. STAAR 8th grade QRG
  2. Earth Odyssey Mission TEKS
  3. Challenger Center PD Workshop Guide – Earth Odyssey
  4. Crew Mission Patch
    1. NASA eClips Our World: Mission Patches – Video
    2. CASIS Ark3 Mission Patch designed by Seth Green – Video
  5. Earth Odyssey Crew Vocabulary Game
  6. Crew Manifest Team Descriptions
  7. Earth Odyssey Crew Application
  8. Crew Manifest Team Descriptions – Qualifications
  9. Step by Step Desktop Navigation Intro Video
  10. Premission Content
  11. Resource information for Earth Odyssey mission and pre-brief using ThingLink

Mt. Pinatubo

  1. Mount Pinatubo
    1. ESA: Earth from Space – Mt. Pinatubo – Video
  2. Sphere Event Interaction Worksheet
  3. ATMO Student
  4. ATMO Teacher
  5. LITHO Student
  6. LITHO Teacher
  7. BIO Student
  8. BIO Teacher
  9. HYDRO Student
  10. HYDRO Teacher
  11. Answer Key Hydro Litho
  12. Answer Key Atmo Bio


  1. Solar Pizza
  2. UV Detector
  3. Water Drop Water Cycle
  4. Rock Cycle Relay
  5. Blue Marble Matches
  6. Spheres of the Earth
    1. Sphere’s of the Earth Foldable
    2. Spheres Of Earth Teacher Guide
    3. Spheres Of Earth Student Guide
    4. Spheres of the Earth Sorting Activity
    5. Spheres of the Earth Video
  7. Space Loteria
  8. How High Is It Educator Guide
  9.  Technology
    1. Spacecraft 3D Target – for use with NASA Spacecraft 3D App
    2. Tour of Scobee Education Center with Thinglink App

Planetarium Information

Planetarium Show Descriptions